Savannah Is The New Atlanta

June 4th, 2012 by Kelli

Savannah has now surpassed Atlanta as Georgia’s star attraction. Savannah has been voted one of the top 25 destination cities by Tripadvisor, it is one of the top 18 cities for nightlife, it has been ranked one of the greenest cities by Travel and Leisure, and last, but certainly not least, it has been voted by Travel and Leisure as one of the best burger cities in the US. With its rich history, entertainment prowess, and beautiful architecture, Savannah has become a Must See City. As Savannah natives, we have always seen the beauty in this city, and have gone to great lengths to showcase it. At Old Savannah Tours we highlight the beauty of our city by bringing Savannah’s History to Life! So while you are enjoying the nightlife, having a great burger, and enjoying the Savannah weather, hop on a trolley and let us bring our city and its history to life for you.