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Haunted Savannah

by Lucas Renfroe

The Most Haunted Spots in Savannah


Savannah is one of the most haunted cities in America.


The Hostess City was built upon her dead. From Native American burial grounds to yellow fever epidemics, long-forgotten cemeteries to bloody battles and, of course, hurricane disasters, plenty of Savannah’s homes and houses-turned-museums were built on the bodies of the city’s deceased. If you scare easily, beware of these spooky places in Savannah’s Historic District.


1.The Marshall House

Built in the mid-1800s to accommodate the rapidly growing population of Savannah during the railroad boom, it acted as a hospital three times: twice for the Yellow Fever epidemics and once as a Union hospital during the latter part of the Civil War. Guests have reported seeing ghosts casually roaming the halls, watching faucets turn on by themselves, and hearing the squeals of children running through the building. Care for a stay?


2. Hamilton-Turner Inn

The “Lord of Lafayette Square” (aka Samuel Pugh Hamilton) built the stunning mansion for his family in 1873. The home is featured in the famous novel Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt. Guests at the Hamilton-Turner Inn have heard billiard balls rolling the floors and seen a man sitting on the roof smoking a cigar.


3. 17hundred90 Inn & Restaurant

If you dare a stay at 17hundred90, pick room 204. Anne Powell, ravaged by a broken heart, jumped from the room and met her death. Since then, Powell has been known to steal from guests and watch men while they sleep. There’s also a helpful ghost, the spirit of a merchant marine, who helps the staff complete tasks, and a cook who plays tricks on the female staff members.


4. Moon River Brewing Company

Perhaps the most haunted place in Savannah, the ghosts at Moon River Brewing Company aren’t friendly. They throw bottles and torment the staff, but the basement and top floor are where most of the activity happens. It’s rumored that construction workers were working on the top floor when they were so frightened by the foreman’s wife falling down the stairs (i.e. being pushed down the stairs) that they ran, leaving all of their equipment, and never came back to finish the job.


5. The Kehoe House

The Kehoe House was once a funeral parlor, but before that, it was home to the Kehoe family. It’s said that two of the family’s 10 children died in the house and that guests have seen them.


6. Hampton Lillibridge House

Although you can’t venture into the Hampton Lillibridge House, as it’s a residence, you might be able to spot a man staring out of the top window. Despite an exorcism in 1963, the house remains one of the most haunted places in the city.


7. Factor’s Walk

The bridges and buildings that run between Bay Street and River Street are Factor’s Walk, once home to the original Cotton Exchange, where the price of cotton wasn’t the only thing being debated: Visitors claim to hear the cries of slaves being sold.


8. Madison Square

Named after the fourth president of the United States, Madison Square is home to a statute of Sergeant William Jasper, a solider who was killed in the Siege of Savannah during the American Revolution. While construction was underway for the homes surrounding the square, it’s said that builders found the bodies of buried British soldiers. If you walk through the square at night, you may see a tall, shadowy figure approaching you…only to disappear at the last minute.


9. The Pirates’ House

As the name suggests, The Pirates’ House was the local hangout for sailors after it opened its doors as an inn to the rowdy bunch in 1753. Tales of shanghaiing people in the basement, forcing them to join the crew, are the hallmark of this haunted spot.


Although this list is great, it isn’t exhaustive. The best way to see as many haunted homes and spooky spots as possible? By riding Old Savannah Tour’s “Grave Encounters Tour.”

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Haunted Savannah
The Most Haunted Spots in Savannah