Grave Encounters with Historic Telfair Academy and Historic On/Off Tour

Book this package and enjoy all of Savannah’s history. Because why should you have to choose?

Get the best of all worlds — living and dead — by combining our popular Historic On/Off tour, Grave Encounters tour, and exclusive narrated tour through the Telfair Academy. Enjoy all the benefits of each while saving $7 by booking online now!

Start out your Old Savannah Tours experience with a ride along and see all the highlights of Savannah’s Historic District in about 90 minutes. But if you’re the type who likes to see things for yourself (and who doesn’t?) then this On/Off tour is a great way to make a day of it as you meander past 15 stops at the city’s most popular historic sites. Hop off when you want to take a closer look or stay on board if a simple drive by will do. And always be on the lookout for Old Savannah Tour’s signature Savannah characters to charm you with their colorful personalities along the way.

Now during the day, we bring history to life, but at night, we bring the DEAD to life – this is one of the nation’s most haunted cities after all.  You can be sure you’ll have a night of frights on ours Grave Encounters adventure. Add a terrorizing tour of the famed Telfair Academy to your night and you won’t sleep for weeks! Reservations are strongly recommended to guarantee seating (just be sure to bring a friend… this is one tour you don’t want to take alone).

Due to scheduled events at the Telfair Academy, we are not able to tour the historic museum on March 5th, 17th (St. Patrick’s Day), 22nd, 26th, and 28th. In April, the Academy is not accessible on the 16th, 21st (Easter Sunday), and 30th. In May, we will not be able to tour the home on the 22nd. Instead of touring the inside of the Telfair Academy on these dates, we will tour the positively chilling Owens Thomas House and Slave Quarters.

**Package rates do not apply to private Group Service tours.

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Grave Encounters With Telfair Academy and ON/OFF tour
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