Grave Encounters

May All Your Encounters be Grave Encounters

Do you ever get spooked? You know, all goose bumps, bug-eyed and scared to death at what’s hiding around the corner? Good! We’ll be sure the ghosts find you first! Oh, come on now, we’re just teasing (sort of) but you can be sure you’ll have a night of frights when you hop on Old Savannah Tour’s Grave Encounters adventure. Now during the day, we bring history to life, but at night, we bring the DEAD to life – this is one of the nation’s most haunted cities after all. And just so you know, these aren’t the doe-eyed friendly ghost types. We’re talking folks who were tortured and murdered and they have hundreds of years of pent-up anger just waiting to come out. Add a terrorizing tour of the famed Sorrel Weed House to your night and you won’t sleep for weeks! Reservations are strongly recommended to guarantee seating (just be sure to bring a friend… this is one tour you don’t want to take alone). If you choose Grave Encounters with Dinner, you’ll be treated to a fine meal at the Pirate’s House and an exclusive tour of the Pirate’s House Rum Cellar.

Departure Times

Departs nightly at 7:00 pm (7 nights a week). Call for tour times and reservations.

Tuesday October 2nd we will be offering a grave encounters tour that will include a short walking tour in Calhoun Square and Wright Square

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Please note: we will not be open on St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas Day.

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Grave Encounters (With Sorrel Weed House)
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Grave Encounters (w/Dinner)
$49.00 $43.00 See available dates/times
$30.00 See available dates/times
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